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Beautiful Skin


Skincare is important but so is a piece of mind, here we combine the two! With Skinn & Zenn Beauty Bar you can let todays troubles slip away while you enjoy me time that's ALL about you! As a client you will always come first, priority is focused on exceeding expectations to make you feel & look as lovely as you are!..Getting beautified isn't just about looks its therapeutic inside & out. I believe beauty starts within, your outer beauty will surely match your inner persona after you leave this Beauty Bar!

Luxury Spa


Here at Skinn & Zenn Beauty Bar you can enjoy spa services in an exotic yet peaceful environment to turn me time up a notch! Aromatherapy is available suitable for you body's/mind's needs. Products used are natural so you can literally enjoy worry a free service!  

Relaxation At Home

Skinn & Zenn Beauty Bar specializes in handmade holistic products. No short cuts or ingredients are used that aren't 100% organic! Not only will my products improve your skin they can also enhance your mood & overall well-being! All-natural products are simply safer & easier on the skin..

Natural Cosmetics
Natural Beauty Products
Spa Setting


Monday - Friday

8am - 8pm


9:30am - 8pm


9:30am - 8pm

Natural Beauty
Adding Lashes
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